I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to start shooting more spring-y looks with you all, but with the weather being the way it has, I’ve been sadly unable 🙁 It finally started to warm up a bit this week, so I took the first opportunity I could to put together an outfit to share with all of you. I fell in love with this “Wild Heart, Gypsy Soul” top the moment I first laid eyes on it at Winners. I love the gold-on-black combo and it’s a very flattering and comfortable material. I really wanted to keep the spotlight on this tank, so I kept the rest of the outfit simple with flared jeans, a fringed sweater and black flats.

I scored these jeans at a Dynamite Clothing outlet a few months ago for $10 and they’ve far surpassed my expectations! They’re actually long enough for my tall self and they’re ridiculously comfy and soft. These shoes from Ardene were only $3 or something and they’ve surprised me with their longevity so far. Even if they break soon, who cares? 😛

I’ve had this sweater from Hollister for years and it’s still one of my faves!

Pardon the stray hairs on my top. I’m a shed-y beast.

No outfit is complete without a wrap bracelet or two! These are a couple of new ones I got recently from Victoria Emerson. Real talk, guys, I’ve been nothing but happy with all of my purchases from Victoria Emerson. They ship SO quickly (these arrived 2 days after I ordered them – and shipping is free!) and the quality is amazing. I’m not known to be gentle with my things and they’ve held up through everything. These two rings from American Eagle have really surprised me – they’re super affordable and they have yet to turn my fingers green!

Thank you for reading!