Canadian spring continues to throw surprises our way. Case in point: one week there was a snow storm and a mere week later, temps got high enough for me to comfortably wear this outfit and bike around barefoot. This isn’t normal, Canada! I’m not complaining, though, because I finally got to take Daisy Chain (we’ll save the story behind my bike’s name for another time) out for a beach bike ride after forcing her into storage after our Florida trip. When I bought my bike, I chose it almost solely based on the fact that the pedals are barefoot-friendly. Priorities, people. Seriously, this bike is ridiculously comfortable to ride! I’m in <3 If you’re as in love with my bike as I am, you can get your very own at K-Mart. It comes equipped with the wonderful pedals, a cup holder (a proper one, not one of those undermount stupid things), a front basket, an upgraded (SUPER comfy) seat and a rear rack. No, I’m not getting anything out of trying to sell you on this bike (even though I should), it’s just a wonderful bike for a great price!

Anyway, moooooving along from that, Aaron and I decided to take advantage of this beautiful day that Canada graced us with and took our bikes out onto the beach path we love so much. We biked out to the (bird poop infested) pier to get some pics of my outfit. Daisy Chain kind of tried to steal the show, though.

When I go for a bike ride, I like to keep my outfit comfy. I love these black fringed shorts I got at Ross. I know I could have paired them with a brighter, funner top, but I reeeeeally wanted to wear this tassle necklace from Call It Spring and it looked best with this grey tank from Marshalls. Plus, I didn’t want to clash with my bike. So.

This only took approximately 5489384203982094 tries to get a couple of good pics.

A random dude passing by insisted I get a pic with his fishing rod. I caught TONS of pavement fish.

We got scared (not really) of Fishing Rod Dude and hightailed it outta there to the safety of these sand dunes. Nobody could ever find us here.

Can’t stop, won’t stop with wrap bracelets! I got two with coral in them at World Market and the golden one in the middle is from Lucky Brand. My turquoise ring is from Charlotte Russe (yes, it turns my fingers green) and the other one is from Old Navy.

Clearly, I’m hating every second of the warm sun hitting my face.

Such a purrrty necklace <3

Thank you for reading!