Welcome to January. In April. In Canada. Immediately, this meme pops into my head:

This perfectly sums up Southern Ontario this year. One day, we’re merrily rolling into spring and the next, we’re getting snowfall warnings. All that prancing around in my closet, trying on sundresses and crop tops quickly proved to be premature. I swear this happens every year – all memories of the previous year’s up-and-down weather go up in smoke and I naively think that spring will bring exactly what the storybooks told us it would. Seriously. I daydreamed about coming back from a beautiful February in Florida, blissfully having missed the most brutal, frigid month that Canadian winters have to offer. I envisioned two, maybe three weeks of chilly-ish weather followed by the type of spring most people (must) merely dream about: birds chirping incessantly, but not annoyingly, perfectly mild breezes blowing through the freshly budding leaves and blooms, and the elusive, perfect temperature that’s not too hot, not too cold, but juuuuust right.

It seems I have forgotten what a fickle beast Canada can be. Before I can safely whip out the margaritas and lounge in my backyard on a sunny afternoon, I’m going to have to navigate this minefield that is Canadian spring. I’m making it my mission to learn to embrace whatever this beautiful country tosses my way and make the best of it – even if it means awkwardly shoving my prematurely unpacked shorts back into storage while shivering profusely. Here’s a little journey Aaron and I took this past weekend to try to learn to love this winter/spring thing we’ve got going on here.

Don’t mind me, just raging a little.

OK, fine…I’ll dance in the snow.

Once I remembered how good snow tastes, I became quite delighted. Maybe this whole snow thing isn’t so bad after all…maybe.

OK, fine…it’s beautiful. Blah blah blah. Seriously, though, look at that powdery fluff! It’s actually quite wonderful.

Always climbing.

I forgot how much fun snow angels are! I also forgot that snow gets wet when it melts and I wasn’t wearing snow pants 🙁

Thank goodness we bought ourselves proper hiking shoes! It was so muddy on the trail which, let’s be honest, was AWESOME. I love mud! 😀


Thanks for reading!