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Jeans & Necklace: American Eagle | Sweater & Scarf: H&M | Boots: Target | Mitts & Socks: Ardene | Hat: Call It Spring | Sunnies: Forever 21

Hey guys! How is everyone (in the north, anyway) enjoying this cold weather? I was wishing and dreaming of one nice snow fall before I head down to Florida and, after an extremely mild December, I finally got it. Aaron and I decided to spend a Sunday afternoon exploring the area near us, which has a TON of waterfalls. The first spot we stopped at (where most of the pictures were taken) was pretty, but we were disappointed with the fact that there didn’t seem to be any way to get down to the bottom of this waterfall. Boo. This made me realize I have an affinity for trying to balance on logs. Sadly, I have awful balance but hey, I tried! The second stop we made was a waterfall that we’d been at during the summer and climbed right to the bottom. This time, it was a little dicey, though, with all the ice and mud. We made it part of the way down but decided that our lives were more important than getting to the bottom. So we just got some cool pictures that look more dangerous than it actually was. It was hard getting a good picture, though, because I couldn’t stop goofing off. Oops. Overall, it was a fantastic day date with my hubby and we ended the day with a wonderful dinner date at one of our favorite restaurants. I tried charred octopus and it was a-MAH-zing!!

Anyway, when I got dressed to go out exploring, I wanted to dress warmly (obv) but I didn’t want to be sweating once we started hiking and climbing. I figured a sweater and vest combo would be ideal. I chose this sweater that I got at H&M in the men’s section, actually. Ladies, don’t be afraid to check out the men’s section because sometimes, they actually fit better and often they’re actually cheaper! This particular sweater is a “slim, long fit” which is exactly what I love in a sweater. Plus, the $10 price tag didn’t hurt either! This vest is one that I swear by. Real talk: I bought a Canada Goose vest last winter because they’re known to be some of the warmest out there. When I found this vest at Old Navy for about 1/15 of the price, I was skeptical. But after hearing so many good things from fellow bloggers out there, I thought I’d give one a try when it went on sale for $20. I’m hooked! These vests are very warm, they have a soft, fleecy lining (and fleece-lined pockets, to boot!) and they fit very flatteringly (open AND zipped up!) They always go on sale, too, so you can snag one in every color you desire and still spend very little 😀 Buh bye, Canada Goose!

I got my boots last year when Target still graced our presence here in Canada (*sigh*) and I’m so glad I did! They’re ridiculously warm and waterproof – perfect for a hike like this. To top off this cozy look, I took my new scarf out for the first time. I had eyed this at H&M when it was still regular price and I didn’t care for the $35 price tag, so I left it behind. But after Christmas, it had been marked down to $15 with an extra 30% off! I snapped up this fringed beauty instantly and I’m in love! It’s soooo warm and perfectly oversized. I love being cute and warm at the same time. This is a great example of “Canadian winter chic”, which I can deal with while I’m stuck in this frigid climate 😉

Thanks for reading!