What a cold weekend this was! This weekend roundup is all about the shopping trip my sister and I took to the U.S., which we usually do in the fall. With how unseasonably warm it’s been lately, we were expecting it to stay more mild. Instead, we had an unseasonably cold weekend instead. Secretly, I was pretty excited because I’ve been waiting to wear all my boots, scarves and sweaters again. I kept my looks pretty casual for the weekend since we’d be doing a lot of walking around. When I know I’m going to shop, I tend to be a little more strategic with my outfits. I like items that are easy to change in and out of (so I can more easily try on potential new clothes, of course!) and I also like to be comfortable. All three looks covered all my bases and we had an awesome shopping trip! Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing all my new clothes very soon 🙂