Growing up, my sister and I used to love to razz our Mom (Mum, to us) about how much she adored the combination of purple and green. From her decorating to her wardrobe, this was definitely her favorite pair of colors. Apparently, I’m turning more and more into my Mum every day and now I’m dressing like her, too! As you can tell from the pictures, I was absolutely delighted about this. Actually, truth be told, as happy as this outfit makes me, it was actually a couple of dear friends of mine who kept making me laugh during this shoot (fine, fine…I was goofing off, too). Hubby and I went up north to take advantage of the last of the fall colors (they come and go SO quickly here in Canada!) and our friends decided to join us to watch the magic happen. It was quite cold  that day, so I was grateful for the puffy vest and big, cozy scarf. Nothing beats a scarf/boot/warm layer combo!