When I got dressed to go for a hike the morning of this shoot, I really really wanted to wear this sweater. I had the niggling thought that perhaps, sweaters and pine needles don’t mix very well. See, Aaron and I often love to veer off the main path so we can challenge ourselves a bit more and see more interesting things. Pair that with my obsession with climbing trees and my love of sitting and lying on pine-needle-covered forest floors and you can start to see why a sweater may not have been the ideal clothing choice. Nevertheless, I went with my heart instead of my brain and ended up with this:

Oops. I’m honestly not sure if my sweater will recover :/ At least it was only around $7 at the Ardene outlet 😉

Sitting on the riverbank was much > standing on the riverbank. It was so peaceful (except for all the children screaming in the background. SO. MANY. CHILDREN.) When I grow up, I’d love to have a babbling brook in my backyard. Yes, only a babbling brook will do. I will not accept anything less.

I <3 water.

What’s with the dot on my back? Is it a ghost?!?! AN ORB?!?!!?!

Whoopsie, I’m up in a tree again.

I’m actually quite impressed with how much grip I got with my boots from Canadian Tire. They were majorly on sale and they’ve been wonderful so far!

The views here at Tew’s Falls were simply spectacular! I love the wide range of things to see here: waterfalls, cliffs, forests, etc. It’s also wonderful to finally see everything coming back to life. After the rollercoaster of weather we’ve had for the past little while, it’s a relief to see more normal signs of spring again.

As usual, my bracelets are from Victoria Emerson. Side note: if you use promo code “MOM”, you can get 30% off your entire purchase for Mother’s Day. My rings are both from American Eagle and I’ve been wearing them on repeat for the last while. They haven’t turned my fingers green yet, so YAY.

Thank you for reading!