Last weekend, Aaron and I decided to jump the gun on the beginning of summer and wanted to take a little weekend road trip. I found a Groupon deal for the Parker Inn + Suites in Schenectady, NY and my first reaction was, “Schenectady? What the heck kinda name is that?” (it’s pronounced Ske-nek-ted-y, in case y’all were wondering) After thoroughly touring the town in Google Maps, I thought it looked quaint and decided to go for it. Upstate New York is so beautiful and this is the perfect time of year to see it. The leaves and grass are painted such pure, vibrant shades of green and the landscape looks so striking against a bright blue sky.

Yesterday, I shared our adventure through Thacher State Park and it was so warm and beautiful out! By contrast, Sunday and Monday were chilly and super windy! We knew we wanted to check out downtown Schenectady, so we braved the cold and did that on Monday before heading home. In retrospect, we probably should have explored downtown more on Saturday so that we could have had more time and so that the weather would have been a bit better. There are so many interesting historic buildings and tree-lined streets to check out, so we may be back in the near future!

I hope these people didn’t mind me sitting on their steps.

Just a cannon for cannon’s sake.

I risked life and limb (ok, maybe not) to sit here and get a pic of these flowers. The wind coming off the river was BRUTAL!

I scored this sweater for $10 at Boathouse a few days before this trip and I’m so glad I packed it! It kept me nice and toasty. I love that it’s oversized so it’s great to throw on top of pretty much anything. The same can not be said for my poor noggin, though. I forgot a hat (or so I thought…we unearthed one in the car after we got home) and luckily, ’twas the season for major clearance prices on winter attire! I got this sparkly pom-pom toque for a mere $2.80 at Kohls and now I wish for one more cold day so I can wear it again. But just one.

I bought a pair of these Sbicca fringed cuties a few months back in taupe and they are honestly one of the comfiest (and cutest) shoes I own. So obviously I ordered another pair in brown 😛 I got mine on Amazon and most colors and sizes are under $50, which is a great deal for well-made leather shoes!

If there is a turquoise building (or any architectural feature, for that matter), you can bet I’ll take a million pictures in front of it!


This is the oldest house in Schenectady. Woot.

I’m loving this combo of purple + turquoise on my Victoria Emerson bracelet!


Thank you for reading!