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Jeans, Necklace, Rings & Leather Bracelet: American Eagle | Tank: Rock & Republic | Jacket: Guess | Boots: Frye | Turquoise Bracelet: Fossil | Turquoise Mix Bracelet: Lucky Brand | Earrings: Ardene | Watch & Phone Case: Kate Spade | Sunnies: Forever 21

Wow. The weather has been all over the map these past few weeks here in Ontario! As I’ve been editing these pics and writing this post, it’s been snowy and blustery outside. But when I took these pictures a mere few days ago, it was warm enough to feel like the first whisper of spring. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll take any opportunity to whip out my warmer weather clothes. I dug out this particular jacket recently and have been dying to wear it again. I got it at Guess so long ago that it’s practically vintage now! I regularly sort through my clothes and donate what I no longer wear, but every now and then, there’s an item I hold on to inexplicably. Usually, I rediscover it years later and that’s exactly what happened with this little jacket. I love that it’s neutral enough to wear with most colors, but it has such a cool print on the back. I definitely love me some peace signs!

Since I wanted to make the jacket the star of the show, I kept the rest of my look simple. I love the way black can make me feel so instantly ~cool~ (which I’m really not) and the aviators just amp that up. Speaking of my sunnies, I’ve been seeing a lot of these colorful reflective Ray Bans lately and, since I’m not responsible enough for designer sunglasses (I splurged on a pair of Kate Spade ones and promptly lost them to the ocean in an instant) I had to wait for a dupe. My wishes soon came true when I saw these at Forever 21! They were only $7.90 and they have the perfect shade of blue reflectivosity (it’s a word now).

Rounding off my look, of course, is my studded boots. <3 <3 <3 If I didn’t feel cool enough before, these alone would do the trick. The studs make me positively melt with excitement (if you get a closer look at my ears, you’ll see how much I love studs ;)). They’re also super comfortable! I can walk around all day in them and they feel great. Finally, no outfit is complete without a bit of turquoise, of course. I love the way turquoise pops against black and keeps the look from being too dark. I didn’t want you guys to think I was too hardcore, now, would I?