≫ Outfit Details ≪
Jeans: Lexxury | Jacket, Necklace, Earrings & Large Stone Ring: American Eagle | Tee: Victoria’s Secret Pink | Boots: Sbicca

Hey all! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season. It’s tough getting back into work after such a relaxing time, though, isn’t it? I hope you all fared well and are getting back into the groove.

I shot this look last week just before doing some after-Christmas shopping, which I actually regretted (the shopping, not the outfit!) Truth be told, I’m finding more and more each year that the after-Christmas deals are just not as good as one I find during the not-so-hyped times of the year. I was actually finding WAY better sales just before Christmas than I did after! I basically left the mall having dealt with all the crowds and none of the reward.

Anyway, this outfit was great for an afternoon at the mall. This hybrid jacket/zip-up sweatshirt is so much fun with the aztec pattern and I snagged it for $12.50 at American Eagle!! Who can say no to that? It’s a great piece to throw on top when you want something a little more jazzed up but still comfy. Of course, a day battling crowds was made better with my Favorite Jeans by Lexxury. Every outfit needs fringe, in my opinion, so these comfy Sbicca boots were perfect. I’m also really loving copper and rose-gold colored jewelry right now! This necklace and earrings were a recent find at American Eagle and I was so excited when I saw them in the sale section. Finally, my poor, poor purse suffered a little snow-drowning when I decided to be a hero and climb up a skateboard ramp for the ~perfect picture~ and my entire front side became better acquainted with the pavement. No, I didn’t gracefully get up and dust myself off all lady-like. My husband had to come rescue me because I spent the next eternity (30 seconds, realistically) scrambling hysterically, unable to get a good traction so I could stand upright again. Yup, I’m very coordinated.

So yeah, my purse got soaked and had to disappear behind the camera for the remainder of the shoot. Thankfully, it dried as if nothing happened. Then I went to the mall and almost wiped out in front of Starbucks again. Oh the shame!  😛

I’ll leave you with that lovely story. Thank you for reading!