It’s Friiiiiiiiday! This week, I’m particularly excited because it’s been CRAZY! I took on way too many projects and tasks this week, so I definitely need a break! I’m guessing it’s the same story with most of you lovely people, so I’ve continued to take the stress out of your holiday season by creating another gift guide. A few days ago, I did one for a host/hostess that was focused on the fun, unique gifts. This one is a bit more traditional, but still equally awesome. It really all depends on what type of people your host(s)/hostess(es) are and how well you know them. As with most of my other gift guides, all items are under $100.

  1. Saddle Leather Drink Coasters. These are classy, yes? They’re only $15 for the set and they can be monogrammed for an additional charge. Everyone needs coasters, so why not?
  2. Pecan Pie In-A-Jar. Yummmmmm. Who doesn’t love pecan pie? This jar has enough for two 9″ pies and is super easy to make. Now your host/hostess can have a delicious pie whenever the mood hits. Tip: if you’re good at baking, you could totally make one of these yourself with any recipe (chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, carrot muffins, etc). Just throw the dry ingredients in a jar, add a cute label and there’s you go!
  3. Glass Teapot With Stand. This beautiful teapot is great because it comes with a loose-leaf tea infuser and it can be kept hot with the tealight holder underneath. If you’re feeling extra-generous, you can throw in a bag of loose-leaf tea as well.
  4. Personalized Ceramic Egg Holders. Aren’t these totes adorbs?? They’re custom-made to order and they’re so cute, anybody would love them! I know I would!
  5. 10-In-1 Bar Multi Tool. This handy tool is a must-have for anyone’s bar. Not only does it offer 10 tools, it also keeps them all together so there’s no fumbling around trying to find the right one. It’s basically a Swiss Army knife for the bar.
  6. Set of 2 “Merry” and “Joy” Guest Towels. Again with the classy gifts. These non-denominational towels are great for anyone’s home during the holiday season and they’re bound to go with pretty much anyone’s decor.
  7. Row Boat Salt Cellar. Um, hi! Isn’t this the cutest way EVER to store salt?? The oar acts as a spoon which is GENIUS. Salt + row boat + oar spoon = instant happiness (in my opinion).
  8. Slate Cheese Boards. This is nothing new and extraordinary, but they’re great all-around boards for anyone’s kitchen. They’re not only good for displaying a wide variety of cheeses, but they’re great for things like pickles, meats, hors d’oeuvres, small desserts, etc. Basically, these are great for any smaller food items that are meant to be shared. You could also add these chalk pencils to the gift so that your host/hostess can write fun things on boards.
  9. Twist Decanter. Wine decanters instantly make a table look more classy. The twisty design on this one makes it stand out more and would be a great statement piece at any dinner party. BRB, going to get one for myself. *tips top hat*
  10. Monogrammable Beer Pitcher. Regular beer pitcher = *yawn*. THIS beer pitcher = classy! You can get this monogrammed for your host/hostess and it adds an instant personal touch. At $15, you could even get them matching monogrammed beer mugs to go with it.
  11. Cold Brew Coffee Set. When I first learned about cold brew coffee, I thought, what the heck is the difference between this and iced coffee? Then I had my first sip and my life was changed. It’s a completely different coffee and it’s brewed with room-temperature water instead of being brewed normally and then cooled off. It’s less acidic and has more caffeine. Yes, you read that right: MORE CAFFEINE! This set actually comes with coffee, too, so your host/hostess will be able to make the cold brew coffee right away. For you, of course 😉
  12. Foodie Dice. I’m pretty sure I can speak for the entire population when I say that we’ve ALL had nights where we have no idea what to eat and end up ordering pizza. Twelve nights in a row. I mean, what? Who said that? Seriously, though, these simple, yet effective little dice will help anyone gain inspiration. Dinner will be fun ALL THE TIME! OK, maybe not, but it can definitely help.

Happy shopping!