Is anyone else as obsessed with loungewear like I am? Cozy PJs are so cute lately and I’ve jumped on that bandwagon in a major way. With winter being so cold in the majority of our country, this is the time to snuggle up with a warm drink and look cute while doing so. My favorite go-tos for chillin’-around-the-house clothing are La Senza (it’s Canadian!) and Victoria’s Secret. They’ve both really stepped it up in the last few years, offering a wide variety of styles, prints and cheeky little sayings. You really can’t go wrong with gifting someone a cute pair of PJs because, let’s face it: everybody likes to chill out sometimes! Here are my top finds that I hope inspire you.

  1. Victoria’s Secret “The Dreamer” Flannel Pajama. Ahhh, flannel. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as soft flannel in the winter, is there? This matching PJ set is offered in almost two dozen different prints and color combos. You really can’t go wrong with that many options! Plus, until November 28, you get a FREE pair of slippers worth $29.50 with the code “LOVESLIPPERS”.
  2. Muk Luk’s Over The Knee Socks. You can never have too many socks, amirite?? These are great to go with sleepshirts or shorts so you can, ya know, keep your legs warm, too 😛
  3. Victoria’s Secret “Fireside” Henley Tank & “Fireside” Shortie. If you have a roaring fire going or if you’re the proud owner of at least one pair of OTK socks, then shorts and a tank are sometimes better options. Plus, with these adorable prints, they’re kinda hard to resist.
  4. Victoria’s Secret Pink Sleep Shirt. Of course I chose something with coffee on it! This comfy cotton sleepshirt comes in a variety of fun, cheeky little sayings, so you’ll likely find something that’s ~so relatable~ for the person you’re giving it to. Plus, they’re under $30, so you can even get one (or two or three) for yourself 😉
  5. Victoria’s Secret “Fireside” Long Jane Pajama. OK, so it appears that onesies aren’t going anywhere and that’s perfectly fine with me! If you’ve never tried one on, you’re seriously missing out. Anyone would be delighted to receive this ridiculously comfy piece of clothing, trust me. Even if they won’t admit it, they want it! Plus, this one comes with a matching eye mask!! It’s also part of the free slipper promo I mentioned above in item #1.
  6. Muk Luk’s Tall Fleece Lined Slipper Boot. These are some of my personal faves. I have a few pairs and they’re sooooo soft, fluffy and comfy! Plus, like pretty much all of the items on this list, they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you can easily find some to match the PJs you’ll be gifting.
  7. La Senza Flannel Boyfriend Sleepshirt. Sleepshirts are a major thing this season! I know they’re nothing new, but I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately. At first, I was like pfft, whatever. But then I tried one on and I suddenly fully understood the appeal. You get the easy-wearing comfort of a sleepshirt mixed with the warm softness of a flannel PJ set. How can you not love these?? PS. La Senza ships to the U.S. which is great because your dollar is so good right now, so everything is practically free 😛
  8. Victoria’s Secret “The Dreamer” Henley Pajama. This is a great spin on the typical flannel PJ sets for the person that’s more into form-fitting tops. This set comes in tons of color combos and also comes with a matching eye mask. These are also part of the free slipper promo!
  9. La Senza Thermal Legging & Thermal Henley Tee. This is basically the long-sleeved and long-pants version of the above shorts and tank combo. Henley sets are great because they’re more form-fitting than other PJ options, but they’re equally warm. You can also buy these pieces separately so you can create any combo your wild imagination can come up with!
  10. Victoria’s Secret “Fireside” Sleepshirt. Now I’ve exhausted about every variation of henley (and flannel, for that matter!) out there. This is another great example of a more form-fitting version of a more traditional loungewear item.

With all the options out there, you can certainly find something for every comfort-loving girl on your list. Like I said earlier, I trust La Senza and Victoria’s Secret the most with PJs, so that’s why the majority of the list is from both places. You can also check Winners (Canada), TJ Maxx (U.S) or Marshalls. Brands like Cynthia Rowley, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren are often seen there at lower price points and they’re also excellent quality.

If you’re planning on buying PJs from Victoria’s Secret, don’t forget to order before November 28 and use the code “LOVESLIPPERS” for FREE slippers!!

Happy shopping!