Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today is cold and drizzly, so this look feels very appropriate. Now that we’re getting into the colder weather and preparing for winter (EEK!), we need our wardrobes to be ready for it (I know, I know – where did summer go?) I’m a big sucker for a toque (yes, that’s the Canadian term for it :P) and this one just upped the cozy-factor for this look. Now, normally I’m a huge fan of color, regardless of the season but I secretly also like wearing black. To break up my mainly black look, I chose these awesome tie dye pants that are fun, but not too crazy. They’re fairly subtle, so they can be worn on an everyday basis without people wondering where the hippie chick came from. I also broke up the monochromatic color (or lack thereof) scheme with a simple grey scarf (one of my faves). A few simple silver and black accessories rounded out the look and now I’m ready for winter! Just kidding – I’m never really ready.

Thank you for reading!