Happy Friday! I don’t know how it’s been for everyone else out there, but here in Southern Ontario, we’ve had some stellar weather!¬†Even though I spent a good part of my winter in Florida, I still feel like I’ve been waiting forever for hot summer days. It’s definitely going to be tough to keep me indoors for the next few months ūüėČ

One of my favorite transitional pieces for this time of year is a fun pair of boho pants. I’ve been seeing these everywhere lately and I can’t say I’m mad about it. I got this¬†Roxy¬†pair at an outlet for around $10, but they’ve been sitting in my closet for a few months now. Real talk: as much as I luuuuuurve boho pants, I find myself struggling with what to wear on top with them. The biggest hurdles for me are a) I’m large-chested, so I have to be super careful about wearing too much loose-fitting stuff at once for fear of it making me look pregnant and/or larger than I actually am and b) I don’t want it to look like I’m just wearing PJs out in public. To solve problem “a”, I finally settled on a simple, fitted, ribbed tank (say that 10x fast), which balances out the slight bagginess of the pants. To solve problem “b”, I added enough accessories to jazz up the outfit and make it look purposeful.

This tank top is from¬†Old Navy¬†and it fits wonderfully. It’s long without being¬†too long and it’s a flattering fit. The best part is that these typically go on sale for around $5 each, so when that happens, go to Old Navy and stock up!

m e r m a i d  h a i r

If you look in the reflection of my sunnies, you’ll see the reason for my goofy smile <3

I used to be a dangly earrings girl all the way, but lately, I’ve really been into fun studs. The moon is¬†Lucky Brand¬†and the infinity symbol is¬†H&M. My necklaces are all from¬†Garage Clothing, except the long one (not in this pic) is from¬†H&M.

When attempting an advanced modelling pose doesn’t quite turn out as planned…

Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets FTW!

Thanks for reading + have a great weekend!