Nothin’ to see here, guys. Just me being a weirdo.

≫ Outfit Details ≪
Leggings: Old (other ones I like are from Garage Clothing) | T-Shirt: Victoria’s Secret | Cardigan + Toque: American Eagle | Shoes: Roxy | Sunnies: Forever 21 | Bag: Can’t find it online, but it’s Stephanie Nicole brand

As sad as I was to leave Florida after a month, I was quite excited to go to Murrells Inlet in South Carolina. There’s something about the Carolinas that I just love so much, so any chance I get to go there, I’m happy. Since ’twas not the season to go to the beach, we decided to check out Huntington Beach State Park, which is where Atalaya Castle is. This was the former summer home of Archer and Anna Huntington in the 1930s and is now preserved by the state park. You can read more about the history here. Now, I’m not one to get all excited about history in general. In fact, history was probably one of my weakest subjects back in school. Throw me into an abandoned building or a ghost town, though, and suddenly I can’t get enough! I love being immersed in history rather than reading about seemingly abstract facts, I suppose.

It was fascinating walking through the house and imagining how it must have looked in its heyday. There’s no furniture or anything left in the house, but there are pictures and descriptions in many of the rooms. I absolutely loved Atalaya Castle and will definitely be visiting again in the future! As far as my outfit goes, I dressed for comfort and the cooler weather. Nothing beats a pair of leggings or jeans paired with a tee and cardigan. Now, these shoes are quite honestly not a style I’d normally go for. I love being casual, but I’m not typically into sportier styles, but these had such a cute design on them and they’re fuzzy on the inside! It feels like I’m wearing the comfiest slippers and I can’t argue with that! Along with my fun shoes, I also jazzed up my basic layers with a colorful purse, printed toque and colored sunnies.

Thanks for reading!