Guess what, y’all?? It’s CHRISTMAS season! Woot woot! As exciting as this time of year is, it’s also super stressful at times. I’m sure I can speak for most of us when I say that we’re just plain and simply BUSY. Adding the stress of finding just the right gifts for everybody and having to fight crowds of people with the exact same goal in mind can be an absolute nightmare. Since I love to shop, I thought I’d make life a little easier for all of you and give you a whole bunch of great gift guides. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I’m going to give you guys all sorts of awesome gift ideas, each with its own theme, so that you can easily find something for everyone on your list.

This gift guide is for the Tech Addict in your life. This is for the person that cannot leave the house with his or her cell phone, is constantly on social media and loves to have all the latest and greatest gadgets.

1. Kate Spade Everpurse. This has got to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen lately. Combine the gorgeousness of a Kate Spade purse with a built-in phone charger and this is pretty much the perfect bag. The only downside is that it currently only works for the iPhone 6 and above, so if the person you’re buying for has an older phone, this won’t work as well. However, there are a bunch of great portable charging devices you could also get like this one and this one. There are plenty of options to choose from and most of them are under $20. If the person you’re shopping for has the iPhone 6, though, then this will be such an awesome gift!

2. Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker. I have one of these (OK, fine, my husband has one, but I stole it from him) and I LOVE it! It’s so compact and it has amazing sound. Because it’s so small, it can be taken anywhere, so it’s perfect for traveling, too. At a price of $129, it’s also very reasonable, especially for a Bose product.

3. Ringly Smart Ring. How cool is this?! It’s a really neat ring that syncs with a free app, allowing the wearer to receive important notifications from his or her phone. It’s fully customizable, too, so the person wearing it can choose what he or she gets notified of (or not). I love the fact that it doesn’t look like a tech item, so it can be worn as a normal piece of jewelry….just with hidden benefits! Note: for my U.S readers, use this link to shop. It’s a little cheaper and it has free shipping. The first link is a better option for my Canadian readers 🙂

4. Apple Watch. This is an item I wasn’t sure I wanted to put on this list, to be honest. I’m on the fence about these watches for two reasons: 1) they’re a very specific style and I find that even the gold ones look sporty (this isn’t a bad thing, it just isolates the people that don’t have sporty style) and 2) they’re quite expensive. The reason I caved is mainly because my brother-in-law and one of my best friends both have one and they are over the moon about them. So they must be good. Plus, SO may people have iPhones. For people who like the aesthetic of the watch, this is a great gift because, like the Ringly, they can stay in touch without constantly checking their phones. Also, if the price isn’t an issue, then I’d say go for it! An alternative option that’s a LOT cheaper and has gotten quite awesome reviews is this one. It also works with the iPhone, but it works with a bunch of other phones too. Plus, it’s under $50 right now, so it’s a lot more affordable.

5. 53 Pencil Stylus. This is such a cool product! This stylus is different because it actually looks like a pencil on screen! Plus, you can flip it over and erase your mistakes just like a real pencil. They recommend that you use their app (which is free) because it works best with that. However, it can be used with plenty of other apps as well and it can also be used as a regular stylus.

6. Fujifilm Istax Mini 8 Camera. This camera is great for someone who LOVES taking pictures and wants to share them with friends. They’ll love this camera because it’s the modern-day Polaroid that prints out cute little credit card-sized pictures. Parties and brunches will be so much better with this fun little camera! Plus, it’s on sale for $88CAD at Walmart right now, so that’s pretty awesome.

7. Minx Super Fluff Cell Phone Sock. OK, this is just a fun little gift! These slipper socks are super soft and cuddly, they’re scented with lavender, and, best of all, they come with a little pocket to put your phone in. Awesome!

Note: I tried to source the very best prices on these items, so the links should lead to those spots. If, however, you happen to find a better price, I’d be happy to hear about it. I just want to find you all the best deals 🙂

Happy shopping!