Hey all! I finally finished my  Christmas decorating today, so naturally, I went ahead and snapped a bunch of pics to share with you guys right away. The last few years, I stuck to a more traditional theme of red, green, black and natural wood, but this year called for a change of scenery. Since our house is all about the beach (so that it feels tropical inside, even when the Canadian winters come calling every year), it was time to do what I’ve always dreamed of: beachy Christmas! I chose turquoise, silver, gold and white items (and lots of glitter) and, surprisingly, I got the majority of the stuff at dollar stores.

Here are some of my favorites:

One thing I learned from making these seashell ornaments is that they are NOT easy to drill into! You’d think that they’re just silly little seashells that require little more than a pinprick to get through, but NO. If you want to make your own seashell ornaments, I have the following tips: 1) Get a drill bit that’s designed for glass and/or ceramic tile (preferably with a diamond tip). This will ensure you actually get through the shell and 2) Wear gloves or wrap a cloth or towel around the shell when you’re drilling into it. I made the mistake of thinking I could just hold the shell with my bare hands and I got sliced. Twice. Protect your hands!!



I hope you enjoyed my Christmas tour! In the spirit of the season, here’s a bonus picture of my adorable owl mug (on top of some cozy sweaters).

Thank you for reading!