≫ Outfit Details ≪
Bikini Top: Freya Swimwear | “Sarong”: Southeastern Salvage | Flip Flops: Roxy

Let me just start by saying that this photo shoot was completely impromptu. We were in Marathon in the Florida Keys and we’d just spent the morning trying wakeboarding (so much fun!!) We decided to check out Bahia Honda State Park since we’d heard great things about it. At the park, we took a little hike over to this bridge and I realized that I’d forgotten my swimsuit coverup. Oops! Luckily, I had this gorgeous throw that I’d gotten at Southeastern Salvage. Side note: if you haven’t checked out this store yet, you MUST. They have the most random and wonderful assortment of home goods at the most ridiculously amazing prices. Seriously. You’ll end up running out of the store thinking you just stole your purchase, that’s how cheap it is!

Anyway, so I had this throw that I’d bought and I thought, hmmm….this would actually make a cute sarong temporarily! That’s why I call this outfit “Sarong-ish”…because it’s not really a sarong 😉 I tossed it on and it did the trick. Once we were up on the bridge, the view was so breathtaking that we just had to take some pictures. My hair was messy as can be, I wasn’t wearing makeup and I had sand all over me. You know what, though? This actually turned out to be one of my favorite photo shoots yet! It’s weird that sometimes I spend so much time picking out my outfit and all of my accessories and this one ends up being one of my faves. I guess it goes to show how absolutely beautiful it really is in the Florida Keys!

Thank you for reading!